Welcome to ThinRx Weight Loss Centers!

We are glad that you have landed here!!  Our #1 priority at ThinRx Weight Loss Centers is to attack weight gain and to help your present “you” become a healthier “you.”

Obesity is the single most common, reversible risk factor for diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, heart disease and some forms of cancer.  Obesity has recently been found to decrease the lifespan on average by about 10 years.  Therefore it is an imperative that we seek to find ways to take our ever-GROWING population and make it…smaller.  Second, obesity and being overweight just makes us feel bad.  Sometimes we feel inadequate and overlooked.

Goal of ThinRx Weight Loss Centers

Clarksville Weight Loss CenterThe goal of ThinRx Weight Loss Centers is to attack the two problems associated with obesity and weight gain.  Some of us want to increase the potential of how long we can live a QUALITY life.  Some of us want to just look better and feel better in that pair of jeans that we have been saving for the time that we can actually fit back into them.  Some of us want BOTH.

How we do it...

ThinRx Weight Loss Centers seeks to provide a variety of modalities to give you a fresh, productive start, long-term follow-up and the resources to help you change your life for the better.  Together with our partners in dietary education, physical fitness and behavior modification, the physicians here will seek to find sound medical practices to give you the best chance to get your life turned around and change your approach to living.

The journey begins with the physician.  Although it is not a majority of cases, there are sometimes causes of obesity which are more than meets the eye.  There are some metabolic challenges to the human body which cause obesity.  Sometimes specific treatments by the primary care specialist are enough to reverse the ravages of weight gain.  Sometimes not.  The physician’s primary goal with the obese patient is to rule out a treatable metabolic cause for his/her weight gain.  If one is found, the patient will be referred back to the primary care physician for continued treatment.  If not, then weight gain and obesity will be treated by our protocols.

The client is given choices in a cafeteria style, because different people have different needs.  Because you have come for the services of a medical bariatrician (medical weight loss specialist), you will likely be considered for therapy with medicine to give you a good start and a common point for follow-up.  To undo the reasons that got you to this point, you will may be referred to a registered dietician and given a prescription for exercise or referred to an exercise specialist.  Depending on your need, you may be referred to a behavioral psychology expert.  

Fees for Services

As a result of our approach, fees for services are separated.  All fees are presented up-front so there are no surprises.  The physician and supporting service providers DO NOT give each other “kick backs.”  Our ethic is to give you service that is not entwined in fancy deals.  The physician has confidence in each supporting service provider. To view our services and fees, click here.

In Conclusion

We hope that you consider ThinRx as your personal method for safe, medical weight loss.